Chanting The Holy Name Of Lord Krishna – Part 11

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The Meaning Of Hare Krishna Maha Mantra

By Shrila Jiva Goswami.


Chanting the Hare Krishna mantra will give one full benefit if one knows and understands the meanings. The meanings of the Hare Krishna mantra varies according to the different levels of spiritual consciousness.

HARE – The enchanting beauty of Shri Krishnachandra steals the minds of all, but Shrimati Radharani captivates the mind of  Shyama with Her alluring matchless cleverness. Therefore, She is known as Hara or ( Hare in the vocative case).

KRISHNA – By His youthful beauty and the sweet sound of His flute, Shri Krishna, Who is decorated with the most charming qualities, attracts Shrimati Radhika. Therefore, He is known as Krishna.

HARE – The exalted devotees say that Shri Krishna kidnapped doe-eyed Radhika and took Her to a secluded kunja within the rasa mandala. Therefore, Radhika is known as Hara.

KRISHNA – When Krishna sports with Radhika, the splendid dark blue effulgence that emanates from His limbs makes shiny gold appear like blue sapphires. Therefore, He is known as Krishna.

KRISHNA – To fulfil the desire of Radhika, Shri Hari manifested Shyama-kunda in the forest near Govardhana, and then pulled all the holy places there. The learned ones who know this secret call Him Krishna.

KRISHNA – Although He bewilders the world with His pastimes in the grooves beside the Yamuna, Shri Hari is totally enthralled by the unparalled love of Shri Radhika. For this reason, intellectuals call Him Krishna.

HARE – When Krishna killed a demon, Shri Radha loudly chanted, “Hari Hari.” Consequently She is known as Hara.

HARE – Due to excessive love, Shri Radhika sometimes loudly sings the pastimes of Krishna, and other times She sings in soft indistinct tones. Learned rasikas, therefore call Her Hara.

HARE – When intense ecstasy overwhelm Krishna, He sometimes drops His flute in the forest of Vrndavana. At such times, Shri Radhika snatches the flute, and therefore, She is called Hara.

RAMA – Shri Krishna is known as Rama because He enjoys with Shri Radhika in the kunjas of Govardhana.

HARE – The most merciful Shri Radha destroys the miseries of the devotees, and daily bestows inner joy. Thus, She is called Hara.

RAMA – The minds of the devotees who worship Krishna always float in the topmost ocean of bliss. Thus that beautiful dark blue form of Krishna is called Rama.

RAMA – Shri Radha pleases Shri Hari in the flower cottages with Her great love. Because He gives unlimited pleasure to Shri Radha during Their confidential pastimes, He is known as Rama.

RAMA – Seeing the Vrajavasis crying loudly in fear of the forest fire, Shri Krishna effortlessly swallowed it. For this reason, Krishna is known as Rama, because He pleased the Vrajavasis by rescuing them, and because He always arranges for His devotees to enjoy with Him.

HARE – Shri Krishna went to Mathura to kill Kamsa and other demons. By Her desire to enjoy intimate pastimes with Krishna, Shri Radhika brought back Krishna to Vrndavana. Thus, Shri Radhika is known as Hara.

HARE – When Shri Krishna returned to Vrndavana, He removed all the suffering of the Vrajavasis. He is known as Hari, because He captivated the mind of Shri Radhika by His wonderful pastimes.


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